But if I get off my knees I might recall I’m 20 feet tall. 🙌


Coffee with the darling @k__tea while prepping for today’s florals. It’s going to be a long and beautiful day. ☕️🌿☕️
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Queen. Cannot describe the goosebumps this woman gave me tonight.  (at UC Berkeley - The Greek Theater)
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You childish
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Joel: I can’t see anything that I don’t like about you. 
Clementine: But you will! But you will. You know, you will think of things. And I’ll get bored with you and feel trapped because that’s what happens with me. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004 (dir. Michel Gondry)

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#tbt to Ireland.. Because we’re currently crying over whiskey about how this isn’t Ireland.. I miss Ireland. Ireland. #ireland
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Travis Ishikawa with the game winning home run to send the Giants to the World Series! They are going to be talking about that one for a longggg time.

Replay. Over and over and over and over….

That one time when you were about to get drinks, except your city’s team just got into the world series so now you should probably just stay home cause everywhere is gonna be cray. (Just kidding, still going out.)

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