90 tulips for the woman with the biggest love. Happy birthday mom.
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This is called: Jessica got hella bored in bed and used all filters possible on three over-lapped selfies.
07.27.14 /01:39
Worked 14 hours on a Saturday & craving a massage. I also got a bruise from hitting a fire hydrant after having to shove my way out of the bus to not miss muni. Learning the need to be patient with my body.
07.27.14 /01:20
I found his in the watermelon dahlias this morning. We deemed him Napoleon, first pet of BloomThat. He survived 5 hours.
07.26.14 /12:59
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AHS is itself a work of art. 

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~   F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1933 (via fitzgeraldquotes)
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Chris Pratt is actually the nicest most humble celebrity in the world. Fact.


Favorite dress. Favorite shoes. Favorite bag. Not my room.
07.24.14 /13:04
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So a part of my new job is I sometimes get to handwrite the notes the customers want to include in their flower bouquet deliveries. I don’t meet them, just get the requests through an iPad… Today I helped people offer their condolences, wish happy birthdays, confess love, express gratitude, ask for apologies, decorate their own space, mark their anniversaries, recall inside jokes I didn’t understand, remind their best friend of their magic, share excitement.

This is the customer service I want to give.

I felt whole today. I’m doing something I love. 

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